February 10, 2009

In the hunt for a creative team name...

In a few weeks, I'm "running" my first 5k with a small group of ladies from work. Running is in quotes because I started training - yes, training, I'm not even close to being a runner, so a mere 3.1 miles requires some effort - at the end of January, disobeying doctors orders to not wear close-toed shoes while a toe injury healed. In my defense, I listened until it no longer hurt to wear tennis shoes. That meant flip flops to the office ... I was still taking the antibiotic for this toe injury when I broke out in a high fever and a weird rash and was told to do nothing but rest in bed for a week. Needless to say, I haven't exactly been training for this race.

However, I'm almost back to feeling 100% and am going to start going back to the gym on Thursday morning. When I stopped after my first week of training, I was able to do about 2.5 miles on the treadmill in about 35 minutes. I'm not aiming for a particular time in this 5k, but it would be nice to run most of it and finish under 40 minutes. That sounds so slow, but I figure it's a good start.

In order to register for the 5k, I need to come up with a creative team name for the 4 to 5 of us. Ultimately, I would like to use this team name for several 5ks down the road, so I'm not looking for anything race specific (in this case, stroke related). Here's what I've come up with so far:

Inspired Striders

Elite Feet
Sweet Soles (or sweaty soles, lol)
Curacers ("Cure" "Racers")
Fundracers (play on "fundraisers")
Fabulous Feat (play on the word feet)
Right, Left Repeat

Or any combination thereof. I also found a few websites full of fun ideas:


-- I'm particularly fond of "Agony of DaFeet" and love all of the midwestern slang. If I was in Ohio and had longer hair, I'd totally steal "Pig Tails and Corn Tassels" ... alas, I'm in Texas and have short hair. And I'd try for something related to cows or blue bonnets, but Houston is really just a bunch of cement. And oil tycoons. Hmmm...

And then there's this list of successful teams:

But using one of these somewhat seems like cheating.

At any rate, here's the background: currently all ladies, willing to add men down the road; currently all working in non-profit development (including events management); most of us will not be running this one, but walking/jogging instead; we all obviously live in/around Houston. Do you have any suggestions for a creative team name?!


  1. In the world of development amid this economy, how about Struggling Soles or Strapped Soles? Slap me ... I need to be positive! I'm glad you're feeling better.

  2. Whatever you name the team, I think you'll be awesome. You do so much to help others, I find it truly inspiring. Even when I want to help, I find I am trying to write my thesis and prepare to leave Virginia. The best I seem to do right now is donating stuff to Habitat for Humanity. I am looking forward to finding a community to be a part of. Soon, very, very soon! Good luck!

  3. Amy - your comment made me laugh. But yes, let's think positive ;) This may be a bit easier to do in Texas than Virginia these days, but I really REALLY hope our country turns around soon. I'm not fond of the stimulus package for many reasons, but if it does the trick (I have my doubts), I will be very happy.

    Kate - Every little bit counts! Keep giving to Habitat and down the road you will find more time to give back. Honestly, though, teaching is a pretty good way of doing this in and of itself. Helping others/volunteering just happens to be one of my biggest passions/hobbies, and one I can do wherever I am. Unlike traveling, it's not that costly!